The Ups and Downs of Military Career

Philippine Army Military CourseEntering a military profession is a lifetime commitment to serve God, country and people. It’s hard to be part of the Armed Forces since you have to undergo a battery of written test and rigid physical fitness exams. Now, when we are already in the service, we’ve heard about the challenge of getting a bright future. Military career in the Armed Forces of the Philippines specifically in the Philippine Army is like a roller coaster. Most of the time, you will never know where you are heading.

Expect for the Unexpected

We are doing a lot of security patrols in our concern areas of responsibilities (AOR). Most of the time, we are tired of doing this job and probably do it more than a hundred times already at the same Golf Charlie. Normally, if there are no intelligence reports about positive enemy presence in the area, we tend to drop our guard and relax. Sadly, that’s the main reason why we fail. As a result, it’s a disaster. If we are caught off guard, we will surely fail to react and give good command. Consequently, we will fail to synchronize our actions. Just like in our individual career, we must expect for the unexpected. We should not think that the good career we have will be forever. Expect for the unexpected. If things don’t seem to fall in place as what you’ve planned, embrace it and get up. If you think you worked so hard but it ended a failure, accept it and stand up. If you have mistaken, admit it and get up on your feet. Expect for the unexpected.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Not everything can be learned from school. We were taught numerous theories about tactics and other military stuff but it can’t be totally tested until you’re actually doing it. Just like in our career, we were taught about so many useful tips on how we can manage it. However, there are times that it doesn’t work at all. We have different experiences and we usually adjust to these factors. Also, it’s great to learn from the experiences of our seniors. Their wisdom is far more superior to our intuition. In order to get the best decision, you must combine these factors: your experience, experience of seniors and your instinct.

Bloom where you are Planted

SeminarNow, this is the best part. When everything is decided, everything is going well, improve yourself. If you are in the infantry, take courses that will help you. You can take combat elite courses like Scout Ranger or Special Forces. If you like to have more adventure, then you can take Intelligence Courses. Actually, there are so many choices for us to improve and boost our career. Also, we have options to develop ourselves to those things we are not familiar with. Most soldiers in the field that were fighting since I was still a student seemed to have limited knowledge about admin works. When I was a Company commander, I gave these soldiers lessons about computer literacy. Some of them were even chosen to undergo IT and other admin related seminars. If there were opportunities for them to improve their skills, I always made sure that they were included. As an officer, it’s also vital to take care of our men’s career. As they undergo a lot of improvement, the unit’s competitiveness is also improving. We will put them where they can excel and further improve their skills. Now, that’s what I call good management.

Finally, we should love our job. If we love what we are doing, we will feel satisfied and happy. Whatever blessings we have or challenges we are facing right now, we should always pray and be guided. The best decision in life is giving ourselves to God and make him part of our life.


About Ranger Perots

I'm a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
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