A Filipino Soldier’s Guide to Fight and Win Financial Battles

Filipino SoldierFilipino soldiers are well-known for being fearsome warriors in the whole world. With all the battles they’ve encountered due to numerous internal conflicts in the country, Philippine Army is considered as one of the most experienced Army in the whole Asia. Also, the Armed Forces of the Philippines or AFP continue to send UN contingents to war torn areas all over the world. Filipino soldiers do not fear any battles but they keep on struggling to get on top of their finances and give their families a decent living. This is a different arena that every soldier must face in order to survive.

The Need to Save Money

When I go to military financial institutions like AFPSLAI, AMWSLAI, AFPMBAI and PAFCPIC, I observed that most soldiers who go there are availing for loans. It seems that borrowing money is the fastest means to alleviate their financial problems. On the other hand, there are also soldiers who save money by putting extra cash to Capital Contributions or CAPCON and earn passive income through dividends. It seems that Filipino soldiers are becoming wiser in terms of money matters. Dati hindi aware ang tropa about these investments. In the field, there are soldiers who don’t care about their future and keep on wasting their money. Kapag kuripot ka, hindi ka “IN” sa kasamahan mo. In my opinion, that’s the problem why most of the soldiers can’t save money due to bad pressure from their fellow soldiers. Who can blame them? They are assigned in hostile and isolated areas away from their families. Walang ibang outlet kundi money spending through inom, sugal and other vices not mentioned. Ano yun?

Reasons for Saving Money

Saving should be a personal commitment. I always keep on telling my men to save money because their future is at stake here. Tiis lang at kahit nandyan na ang urge para gumastos, think again then ask yourself twice, thrice or even a hundred times if you really need to buy that item. Pero kung toothbrush lang pala ang bibilhin mo eh wag ka ng mag isip pa, bilhin mo na pleaassee!! Anyway, there are several reasons why we save our money. Others save their money for their child’s future, house and lot, cars, popular gadgets, travel and vacation and many more. Other soldiers save money for emergency and sinking funds. Sinking funds are allotted budget for home and car repairs or any improvements of the things you already have. If you earn P 25,000.00 a month and your monthly expenses are 20K, I would suggest that you must set aside 5k as your savings. In one year, you will have P60, 000.00 excluding the dividend. In ten years, you will have more or less P800, 000.00 with dividend piled up. You can now buy a brand new car or a vacant lot somewhere in your province. Ayos di ba? Tyagaan lang talaga. It’s like doing a combat mission. If you see the enemy, hindi mo naman kaagad aatakehin yan, observe muna then make your courses of action (COA’s). After deciding the best COA, tyagaan yan. Kahit madilim gapang dahan dahan until you close in with your enemy. Kapag mas ma tyaga ka, mas malaking probability na magiging successful ang plano mo. Fire then Assault!

Military Financial Institutions are the Best


pafcpicIf you would like to save your money, you should plan and identify your long-term goal designed for at least ten years. If you save money and put it in AFPSLAI, PAFCPIC, AFPMBAI, think how much you are willing to set aside for your savings excluding everyday expenses. These financial institutions exclusively for the military are the best institutions for investment compared to commercial banks. AFPSLAI has bigger dividend rates and it will always depend on the quarterly performance of the association. When I was still a cadet, umabot ng 21% ang dividend rate ng AFPSLAI per annum. Sobrang laki talaga kaya dati, halos mag doble ang pera mo in a few years’ time. Right now, I will suggest that you must save your money and put it in these financial institutions rather than putting it in those commercial banks. Passive income is a lot safer than engaging in an active business wherein you don’t have enough time to manage. That’s the problem of being a soldier especially coming from the Philippine Army and Philippine Marines. Mahirap mag negosyo dahil nasa bundok ka palagi unless mahilig mga misis mag negosyo at wais! It will be great if that will be the case.

In conclusion, surviving the financial battle is really easy if you’re willing to save money for the future. It means a lot of sacrifices must be undertaken. Save money and spend wisely. Most importantly, take care of yourself because your health is still your best asset.


About Ranger Perots

I'm a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
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