When I was a platoon leader of an Army unit somewhere in Central Luzon, I noticed that some of my men couldn’t function properly because of so many problems involving family and financial matters. I would like my men to do their best so I always advised them to manage their resources wisely. Kapag maraming problema ang mga kasundaluhan natin, hindi maiwasang nagiging mababa ang motivation nilang magtrabaho. Am I right or left? Yes or yes? Let’s see kung pwede nyong pag tyagaan itong blog ko.

Management of Financial Resources

It’s not easy to become a Filipino soldier dahil minsan sa sobrang dami ng ginagawa mapa-combat or admin duty, nakakalimutan na magplano para sa kinabukasan ng pamilya at para na rin sa sariling kapakanan. That’s why I made this blog para kahit papano ay makatulong ako sa aking mga kasamahan lalong lalo na yung mga nasa field. With the advent of new technology, I’m sure makakarating sa kanila ang mga mensahe ko dahil mahilig din mag internet ang mga tropa at sana hindi lang puro Facebook. Lol! Well, I would like to share my experiences on how I managed my resources dahil napakaimportanteng mag-ipon ngayon. There are many military financial institutions like AFPSLAI, PAFCPIC, AMWSlAI, AFPMBAI, CWSLAI, etc that can help us improve our lives through dividends. Dati kapag AFPSLAI ang pinag-uusapan, loan kaagad ang nasa isip. This time I will share to you the advantage of saving.

Taking Care of Yourself

Also, it’s very important that we should take care of ourselves because if we don’t do that then we might get sick. Everything will be affected including our family and our job. I included tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle and having regular exercises. Lahat yan ay napakaimportante so I hope I can deliver some useful message to all of you.

Getting Updated with News and Current Affairs

Due to hectic schedules, most of us are always not updated with the latest news, gadgets and other stuff. May tropa ako dati masyadong maraming alam. Alam in a sense na hindi nagmamarunong  kundi updated sa maraming bagay bagay. I’m an officer but he taught me about twitter and hashtags. Oh di ba? Maraming alam! Galing nga eh kaya pinag passes ko kaagad. Anyway, my bottom line is that knowing the latest news or trends can empower us to have more knowledge. In addition, getting a lot of knowledge can make us more versatile sa trabaho natin. Ayos di ba?

Anything Under the Sun

Of course, di mawawala ang balitang sink at kwentong barbero galing sa mga far flung barangays. Our Filipino soldiers are often misinformed about some sensitive issues. Therefore, I would also like to discuss issues and grievances. It will be a healthy discussion in order to facilitate a better solution sa mga problema ng ating organisasyon at ng ating bayan. Finally, a Filipino soldier doesn’t forget to pray. I would like to share to you that we should always put God in our lives kahit hindi tayo nakikipag laban. Without spiritual commitment to HIM, we might lose our faith and maaring mawala lahat ng pinaghirapan natin.       


About Ranger Perots

I'm a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
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  1. Rich Hermes says:

    May I ask how you see an enlisted Filipino fair out as a soldier.
    I recently graduated from University and am searching for something to do and matter. My family is asking me to try and go abroad to look for employment, or even enter the military of a foreign nation. But I know my future belongs in the Philippines.

    I look forward to hearing from you Ranger Perots. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Rich,

    First of all, thanks for reading this blog. Well, Profession of Arms is not a profession for everyone. One must be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared before deciding to join any Armed Forces may it be local or foreign. Since you believe that your future lies here in our country, I suggest you join our Armed Forces and help build our nation. Our country needs young idealistic people like you to become future military officers.

    If you believe you can do what it takes to become a Filipino soldier, never hesitate; follow what your heart says.

    Best Regards,

    Ranger Perots

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